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#4 Las Vegas Raiders

#4 Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have made a lot of changes to their team over the offseason, but the oddsmakers don't seem very impressed. In fact,  the Raiders are already listed as the +4.5 underdog to lose to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1 of the regular season. If that isn't bad enough, the lists the Raider's chances of making the playoffs at +350. Looking deeper into the odds, the Raiders stand at +10,000 to win the Super Bowl this year, making them one of the least likely teams to make it to the big dance.

The Raiders odds for winning the AFC West is listed at 2500, while them winning the AFC outright is 4100.  Finally, predicts the Raiders will only win seven games next season at odds of -110. In the end, Clearly, the experts believe the team will face the same old problems this season.

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